Upgrade 13 issue:Containers are not loading

Hello Team,

We are working on hippo upgrade from 12.6.7 to 13.0.0. I am following the steps which are mentioned on site.

I have completed till following step:


We have 2 channels. Out of which one is working fine and other shows me pages and components but clicking on any page it does not load any containers to put the components and I am seeing Debug log on console as:

[onehippo.cms7.services.webfiles.WebFilesServiceImpl] [] [] [] [] Cannot instantiate web file bundle for ‘’ : 'javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Failed to resolve path relative to node /webfiles
[hippoecm.hst.core.container.AbstractBaseOrderableValve] [] [] [] [] The sitemap item or site mount is non-authenticated.

It shows blank page. Same happens if I create any new page,cannot see containers.

Can you give some pointers that what could be the issue?