Using DynamicMultiSelectPlugin in Experience Page editor

I’m trying to use the org.onehippo.forge.selection.frontend.plugin.DynamicMultiSelectPlugin to provide a multi-select pick list in the experience page content editor?

It works fine in the content editor but is not shown in the experience page editor.

Instead a message is shown: Not all fields of this document are shown. To see all fields [switch to the content editor]

Is there any other UI support for populating multiple values from a select list into a multi-value property in the experience page editor?

Any advice gratefully received.

Paul McHugh

It is currently not supported, related product issue:

Hi Machak,

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

It also seems that the following are not supported in the channel editor:

  • Custom value list providers
  • Optional CMS fields (these are not shown)

Please can you confirm whether there is a way to work around optional fields not being shown with the Add+ button in the channel editor?

Many thanks