Dynamic Multiselect is not visible in document editor

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to add a dynamic multiselect dropdown in my document type. At first I choose Dynamicdropdown from the document editor, and checked Multiple option. It displays an error, which is like following
java.lang.IllegalStateException: org.onehippo.forge.selection.frontend.plugin.DynamicDropdownPlugin does not support fields that are multiple: please use org.onehippo.forge.selection.frontend.plugin.DynamicMultiSelectPlugin for that.

From the above I could see that there is a separate plugin for multiselect dropdown. But I couldn’t see it in my document editor. Can anyone help me how to configure this.

Hi Rahul,
Easiest to set up the DynamicMultiSelectPlugin using /essentials set up, using Selection type = multiple. See section ‘Using the Setup Application’ at Selections Plugin Configuration - Bloomreach Experience - Headless Digital Experience Platform


Thanks for the answer. I was looking some custom plugin to do the same, because the dropdown key and values are taken by calling an external service. I was able to achieve the same for dynamic dropdown by extending Plugin and implementing IValueListProvider, and adding the valuelist in console application. I couldn’t find anything for dynamic multiselect.