Using robots.txt and sitemap plugin for SPA SDK

Has anyone tried to use the Robots.txt and Sitemap plugins for their SPA site within the Bloomreach BrXM system?

Any gotcha’s we should be aware of?

Currently with the robots.txt plugin, things work when hitting the site through bloomreach’s server URL and resourceapi. However, this doesn’t necessarily work well when trying to reach it in the SPA. One of the things I am struggling with is, I can redirect to the bloomreach server to hit the sites robots path, but that will change the path to the bloomreach server or to the full path to the robots file.

The sitemap will be served by the site web app. You can then choose how and where a requesting visitor will see this. Generally, the most common solution is to use a reverse proxy for requests to the site. If the request is for the homepage, you’d proxy the SPA. If the request is for the sitemap or robots files, you’d proxy those locations.

The plugins are designed to work for the headless CMS; they do not have further integrations built in for external frontends.