Version 14.4.0 with React SPA not allowing to create new pages

I am setting up a headless FE using the sameple code react-ssr from

I have setup a local CMS project instead of a docker image and trying to work on the application. I am not able to create new page in XM even after logged in as admin. Attaching the screen shots. Does anyobne have this issue, how can I solve it?

Hello Salini, page creation doesn’t work straight away but has some requirements in order to function

In order to be able add a page for a certain channel, that channel must have at least one URL “stem” for attaching the page, and there must be at least one prototype page available to add a new page.

Please read and
to better understand the features and their technical aspect.

However, at this stage, before you follow the prototype pages approach for end-user page creation I would highly recommend to read and potentially follow a solution based on the latest feature the experience pages

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