We want to display customer field value in cms document in HIPPO CMS

Hello Guys,

We have customer filed that am adding as a property to the content node in CMS.
that custom property value am trying to display in cms (loclhost:8080/cms) for each document.
I have made yaml file changes, i can see that key but value is not coming… am attaching screen shot for the same.

please let me know how to populate value in CMS document, i could see in debug mode that property is there with that value but it’s not reflecting in CMS document, am i missing anything


find the attachment

for the same.

thanks in advance


I guess you have added the custom field using /cms/console or through your code. But you should know that a document in CMS may have 3 variation nodes: draft, unpublished and published.
So I think you need to add the field into all the variation nodes. If still not working then you need to look at your document namespace definition, you may missed something under namespace/your_document/templates node.

Hi ThoLe,

Thanks for your quick reply, I have added that property through code.

How i can added draft , unpublished and published versions .
do i need to create custom object and send these variants ?

kindly could you please guide me how to do this.


You should manage to update the document through
https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/workflow/document-workflow.html instead of using JCR Session API. Using DocumentWorkflow will take care the variation creation for you.

thank you, i will try…