Auto Export not working for queued updater scripts


We’re currently running on version 13.3.0 and we are currently experiencing strange problems with queued updater scripts. The changes made by those queued scripts won’t be automatically exported any more. I’m pretty sure this was working some time (maybe also versions) ago. Have there been any changes on the auto exporting functionality? Is this a known bug and is there maybe a solution available? The only work around I can think of is running the script manual before putting it in the queue.

Looking forward to your replies!


AFAIK nothing has (intentionally) changed in this area or logic: it shouldn’t matter if changes are made through a manual or queued updater script.
What the autoexport engine does is look at the result change (journal) log events and use that to trigger (evaluate) the autoexport.
Some changes will be exported, others not, depending on your configuration and autoexport rules/config on top of that. But the source (events) of these changes shouldn’t matter. Manually or queued execution: the autoexport engine just looks at the resulting (current) data in the repository when triggered.
And it also doesn’t matter when the autoexport engine is triggered (activated): it always will (must be) account for and catch-up with all earlier events since its last processing run.

So I suspect you may have something else troubling this, possible preventing/failing your updater scripts for running (committing) when queued, versus starting them manually.
I sugest activating info/debug loglevel to really see what is executed (and possibly not).

HTH, Ate