BrXM v14 channel author is able to publish

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I’ve got 4 channels and for 1 channel the author works as expected, can make and edit documents and can only request to publish. But for the other 3 channels the author is able to accept or reject publication of document!

Checked hippo:groups for authors, the definitions for all 4 are the same. The hippo:domains (not perfect) also quite similar.

There is some custom workflow in place.

Where do I have to look for solution? Should it be the scxmlregistry.yaml and java code?

Thanks for tips & reactions!

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Unless you have customized the workflow then the only place to look is in the domains. If you have customized the scxml then it is possible there is a mistake there. If you customized the workflow classes then you can look there. I can offer little more guidance than this without diving into your project.

Thanks, had already been looking at customized workflow but will have deeper dive into it, any changes to domains did not have an effect.

Finally found the culprit after a lot of debugging:
a nodetype-hippo-request: jcr:primaryType: hipposys:domainrule on an asset domain with a /hipposys:authrole: jcr:primaryType: hipposys:authrole.
The nodetype-hippo-request added the editor authorization and that was reason an author could approve/deny a publish request, removing the nodetype-hippo-request solved the problem. I found no reason for the rule on the asset domain rule.

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Thanks for sharing your resolution.