Experience manager channels not visible when accessed through AWS Load Balancer

Hello! I’ve set up a cloud host for my Bloomreach project on AWS and I followed the instructions in this guide: https://xmdocumentation.bloomreach.com/library/enterprise/installation-and-configuration/configure-virtual-hosts-in-an-environment.html. I’ve uploaded the project on CodeCommit, built the docker container and uploaded it to an ECS container from which I’ve created a task. With this configuration, everything was working fine - I was able to access the console and the cms where the channels were visible as well. However, once I added the load balancer to the mix, the experience manager stopped showing the channels.
When setting up the host, I used the same guide as the one above so the configurations in the console should work in theory. Is there something I should add to my load balancer configuration to make it work? I’ve also read this article here: https://xmdocumentation.bloomreach.com/library/enterprise/installation-and-configuration/brxm-load-balancing-requirements.html but I am not entirely sure what I should do with the AWS Load Balancer? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: .

The preview need to be rendered on the same host as the cms. Perhaps your load balancer is doing something to change that?