Customized workflow

Hi all,

I want to implement below requirement.

  • Ability to Configure Multiple Steps/Stages/Tasks for the Publish action. Example, to introduce a Review & Approve Step when an Author Publishes a Content (including if possible a Notification to reviewers).

How we can implement in bloomreach, your help will be appreciated.

Manish Kumar


you may want to check out the review workflow plugin

Thanks for your help @jasper.floor,

Do I need to modify below configuration for if I need review feature. Actually I want this feature without code change.

Can you help me what I should add in hipposcxml:source inside below image or do I need to go somewhere else.?

I haven’t worked with this plugin in a long time, but iirc you should not need to edit the scxml for it to work. I don’t have time to look into it right now, so hopefully someone with more recent experience can jump in.