How to add pending state of workflow in CMS

Hi all,

I want to add a new document variant in CMS workflow
E.g.: -
workflow state: Draft–> Pending → Publish–> Unpublish
I need your help to achieve the above

You should start with the documentation:

These are some projects that may give some inspiration:

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Thanks jasper, Gone through the above documentation.

Like we’ve draft and publish states in CMS. I need to configure a Custom state called pending
The exact requirement is
When we publish a video from authoring and generally it takes time to process the video, during that time it should show Video in pending state. Any interaction with this item should show/indicate to the author that the content is under machine processing and can’t be interacted.
Can I achieve the above through SCXML, if yes please tell how to configure and does it require any backend code(java) changes?

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks Jeevana