Duplicates in front end

Hi Hippo Team,

I have documents in my CMS, but for few documents which are single copy in CMS, after firing hst query I am getting duplicates in front end.

Can any body suggest me why this is happening and please help me to sort out this problem.

Thanks & Regards
Himanshu Mahajan

Hi Himanshu,

Can you show us your HstQuery ?

Hi ThoLe,

This is the query :

//element(*,Jlibrary:Blog)[(@hippo:paths=‘d7451b89-6f09-420d-8d01-3506aefc8f64’) and (@hippo:availability=‘live’) and not(@jcr:primaryType=‘nt:frozenNode’)] order by @Jlibrary:publishDate descending

If this is not sufficient please feel free to ask.

One reason for getting duplicates is that your lucene index is corrupted. You could activate the consistency check [1] or completely rebuild that index.

[1] https://www.onehippo.org/library/administration/maintenance/checking-and-fixing-index-inconsistencies.html

also, what version are you running?

Hi Jasper,

Thanks a lot for the solution.

I am using “Hippo CMS 12.2.0”.


we also have duplicate results. When searching in the repository browser (/cms/repository/) we see that all results have the same UUID.

After activating the consistency check, there are a lot of logs like:
ConsistencyCheck.doubleCheckErrors:268] False positive: Multiple entries found for node …

But even with autoRepair="true", after start up the duplicates were still there. The only thing that helped was to delete the index manual.

We are running the cms in a docker container could this be a problem?
What are the reasons that lead to a corrupted index?

Thanks in advance!