Dynamic List from associated documents

Hi there,

They have raised the following requirement:

I have a document type called “Product”. This document type (Product) may have N associated documents.

From the Experience Manager, I will have a component called “ProductComponent”. A document of type Product must be contributed to this component. The question comes now: Is it possible or would there be a way to create a value selector, whose values that are loaded are the associated Product documents? That is, when the user contributes that Component with a Product, that dynamic list (within the component) must load the values with the associated documents that that Product has.

It sounds like a case for a value list provider, but I don’t think you have access to the other component parameters in the provider context.

Is it an option to make that list part of the document?

It could be an option that this list is part of the document … what steps do you recommend me to follow?

You can add a list of documents to the document type which would need to be chosen manualy. You can also use the related documents plugin:

Otherwise you could populate the list with custom functionality. How that is achieved depends somewhat on you content structure. Probably do something with an on save workflow event handler. Then select the documents either based on location or on some metadata.

You could also use a an Open UI document field extension.