Forge: document-translation-picker 4.0.0 not bootstrapping


For a multi language setup with brXm 13, we’re looking into this forge plugin ( which has exactly the features we need. recently (26 july) there has been a release (4.0.0) for brXm 13.x I’m. only encountering bootstrapping issues. It’s failing to set up its repository with this error:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot merge config definitions with the same path '/hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-preview/workflowPlugin' defined in different sites or in both core and a site: SourceImpl{path='cms-preview.yaml', module=ModuleImpl{name='hippo-cms-config', project=ProjectImpl{name='hippo-cms', group=GroupImpl{name='hippo-cms', site=HcmSiteImpl{name='core'}}}}} -> SourceImpl{path='main.yaml', module=ModuleImpl{name='document-translation-picker-application', project=ProjectImpl{name='document-translation-picker', group=GroupImpl{name='hippo-forge', site=HcmSiteImpl{name='myproject'}}}}}

According to me this errors says it’s conflicting with cms-preview.yaml, which is inside hippo-cms-config-13.3.0.jar, and main.yaml, which is inside documenttranslationpicker-addon-repository-4.0.0.jar, how can I fix this issue?

I’ve first wanted to create an issue on Github but I’m not allowed to so hence I’ve chosen this path of communication. if this is not the place for this please advise me where to ask these questions.

we’ve (client, colleague and myself) tested this with few different project and there is also a working demo, so I suspect conflict is within your (site) project.

Hello Robert,

I can confirm as well that I didn’t encounter any issues with an archetype 13.2.0 and forge plugin v4.0.0 by following the installation steps from here.

I have seen this error before though and it occurred when a plugin dependency (that was responsible for the yaml sources) was added both in the cms and the site pom. So I would advise to have a look at your site dependencies maybe you have included them by mistake. Also, make sure that in the root pom the dependencies are added in the dependencyManagement section.

HTH and regards