Hippo CMS (14): Multiple Dropdown - remove already selected option in following dropdown

I have a multiple dropdown. In every dropdown I can select one option (max. 5).
The problem is, that every dropdown contains all values although I have already selected one from the options list.

So, I want to avoid something like this:

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 1 (this doesn’t have to be a selectable option, because I have used it already at the beginning)
  4. Option 4

My question is:
How can I adjust my dropdown select options list so that an already used option won’t appear in a following dropdown again?

You are using a static dropdown. It doesn’t know about other dropdowns, and it can’t react to what happens in them.

If you use the Essentials application Selections tool to add a field to a document type there are some more options. You can create a single field backed by a value list that allows multiple selections from a list.

Another option is to use dynamic dropdowns that observe each other, though I feel like this may be too complicated if the same can be achieved by the above.