How to create new primary node (robotstxt)


I installed robotstxt plugin in local machine and pushed all yaml files to our Git and deployed on production server. Now I can’t see robotstxt:robotstxt primary node to add robots.txt document. As production server is Deployed using Docker and connected to external Mysql. As we don’t have option to install plugin on production server, couldn’t add robots.txt document.

How can I see robotstxt plugin related data is storing in which table and can I add the same data in our production DB?

How can I add any plugin related information to Production ?

There must be something wrong with the deployment. If the yaml files were pushed successfully and deployed, you should be able to create the robotstxt document. I’d check if the deployment went through successfully

You add the plugin to your code so it should be deployed with a new distribution. Check to see if you actually deployed the correct version.

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I use Docker file to deploy.
Do I need to set any env variable to lookup yaml files

Attached my Dockerfile (Context – share whatever you see with others in seconds) and (Context – share whatever you see with others in seconds)

Hi @bcanvural

Are you able to see files I shared?

I see REPO_CONFIG is set to empty in my Dockerfile. Do I need to set to repository-data folder path?

No I can’t see the files. Also, you don’t need to point towards the yaml files with some config. They are part of the distribution so it should be fine

REPO_CONFIG should point to where you have your repository.xml. You can find the env variables that need to be set for docker here: Set Environment-Specific Configuration with Docker - Bloomreach Experience - Headless Digital Experience Platform

In production, It is working fine. Iam able to see robotstxt namespace when there is no connection established to mysql.

But after merging mysql related changes, It is able to connect to mysql, but robotstxt namespace is not appearing in cms console.

Before merging mysql changes :

After connecting to mysql: by doing following changes

robotstxt plugin disappeared:

Your instance of brXM should always be connected to MySQL. When you deploy the distribution, the new configuration in your YAML (robotstxt plugin in this case) will be bootstraped into the MySQL datastore.