Installing commenting plugin 3.0.0 in Hippo 12.2.0


I’m trying to install the commenting plugin (version 3.0.0):

Everything works fine, although installing this plugin breaks autoexport, message from my log:
14:11:08 ERROR autoexport modules must be the last modules applied to configuration or content, but found additional module: hippo-forge/doc-commenting/doc-commenting-repository
14:11:08 ERROR autoexport config is invalid – see previous error log messages
09.07.2018 14:11:08 ERROR RMI TCP Connection(2)- [ConfigurationServiceImpl.startAutoExportService:687] ConfigurationService: Failed to start autoexport service

Any suggestions to solve this?

Thanks in advance,


You should amend the hcm-module.yaml file(s) of your project such that the used “group” is ordered after the hippo-forge group.

See “Expressing Dependencies” in [1]




Hi Tobi,

Makes sense. I’ve updated the ‘after’ property of my project’s hcm-module.yaml files to ‘hippo-forge’, this seems to work.

Regards, Philippe.