Issue with classnotfound


    While migrating from 10 to 11, I get a classnotfoundexception for org.hippoecm.frontend.i18n.ConfigTraversingPlugin. Which jar is this in/what dependency needs to be addded to the pom to import this?

Are you sure you followed all the steps of the upgrading documentation?

The class you mentioned (org.hippoecm.frontend.i18n.ConfigTraversingPlugin) is also highlighted in the upgrade documentation on step 2 (

It explicitly says:

:warning: Check if you are making use of the class org.hippoecm.frontend.i18n.ConfigTraversingPlugin in any CMS Service. This documentation page will help you identify the specific case and provide a script which should be run before MoveDocumentTypeTranslations

Hope this fixes your problem.
You might need login credentials to see the documentation for upgrading, ask support if you don’t have those yet.

Good luck with upgrading.