OpenUI - how to save data from extension to CMS


I have implemented a OpenUI extension in order to include an autocomplete input text in an iframe as described in the documentation.
The autocomplete feature is working fine and I have successfully included in a document type in the CMS but I miss the last step: how can I pass the value stored in the iframe input text to the CMS document editor page?



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Hi Flavio,

Storing a string value back into the current field can be done with


See for more details.



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Thank you Mathijs,

do you know or could you please link a doc page about how to get that value in the CMS editor page and how to grab that value when the user clicks on “save”?

Getting the current field value can be done with


The documentation page in my previous reply ( contains a full code example at the bottom. The example is in vanilla HTML + JS, but you can use any framework you like if you want (Angular, React, Vue, …). The @bloomreach/ui-extension library ships in various module formats.

The basic idea is to first register your UI extension with UiExtension.register(), which resolves with a ‘ui’ object that provides all API to interact with the CMS. Note that all API methods return a Promise, so you have to wait for the result (e.g. either do ui.document.field.getValue().then(value => doSomethingWith(value)) or use async-await like in the example code).

Once registered, you get get the current field value (ui.document.field.getValue()), provide a UI to change it, and in some callback set the changed field value (ui.document.field.setValue(newValue)) .

Note that this is all independent of the “Save” button in the surrounding document editor. A UI extension cannot know whether a user clicked “save”. Calling setValue() will persist the new value in the draft variant of the document (or more accurately, use a throttle of 2 seconds before persisting the latest change in the draft variant). Clicking “Save” will copy all draft values in a document to the preview variant, so other (concurrent) CMS users can see the changes too.



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OK thanks Mathijs,
what I was concerned about is how data are stored in JCR; I saw that the value is stored by default as :openuistring by default but this can configured in the CMS field editor

Thank you for your help!