Processing 'APPEND' failed


We are getting the below issue when we deployed changes to the environment.I see some of the document types we have created are not up to date in Dev environment.I did face an issue in my local environment,but by deleting storage folder I was able to get all the changes working. I see huge number of logs with the below error in dev evironment.

Processing ‘APPEND’ action for content node ‘/hst:bloomreach/hst:sites/…’ failed.

We did try setting bootstrap property to full in lower environment to see if that can fix the issue but it didn’t.

Is it possible to regenerate entire JCR by deleting the database or is there any other better solution that can fix the issue?


Possibly your actions are not correct. Hard to tell from this. Is there anything else logged that may help?

Setting to full doesn’t change how content nodes are handled.

Throwing away your database may fix this, but that isn’t an option after you are in production. It shouldn’t be necessary.

See the following documentation