Reply functionality on a Blog's Comment

Hi OneHippo Community,

I have developed a commenting system for my own Blog but now i am facing a bit confusing problem, and hoping that someone will help on that, to get if fixed.

My Blog is having a proper comment system but the reply button, the only functionality now left is that, user or anyone can not directly reply to any comment.

Could you please help me to get some approach or code sample to manage this scenario. As of now the reply button ,you are seeing, is not functional at all and I want this to be functional as that the only thing which is left as of now.

For you reference I would like to mention few points,

  • As of now my comment form which you see below is working perfectly fine
  • Using that form anyone can comment and, then comment goes for moderation to blog owner and once he approves it, comment is visible on that particular blogpost.

*Only thing left there is reply button for evey comment but the problem is I need that particular comment’s UUID to get the actual subject, and thats where I am failing as of now.

You have access to the the comment at render time, so you have access to that uuid. You can add it as a hidden field. You will need some mechanism to make that the right uuid if you have multiple comments. You could use JS to set the selected comment before submitting the form.