Repository Exception: Core bootstrap model contains hst nodes

Hi All,

I am getting below exception while converting v13.4.8 project from single site webapp mode to multi site.
Project is up and running in local, but when I try to deploy the same in test environment with empty schema. I am facing this issue. Please suggest.

16.04.2021 14:09:18 ERROR localhost-startStop-1 [RepositoryServlet.init:246] Error while setting up JCR repository:
javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Invalid data: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Core bootstrap model contains hst nodes


HST nodes are not allowed in the core bootstrapping in multi-side mode like they are in single-site.

Not sure how it worked in local.
One of the node related to hst:hst is not cleaned up while moving to multi site webapp mode. Deleting the node from console, resolved the issue.

Hi Yeshwanth,

Thanks for letting us know your issue was resolved!