Url parameters not replacing(Starterstore-2.0.0)


my connectorComponent url is: v2/customers?email={customer.email} this specified field is being replaced with actual email value if I select commercetools(its in Starterstore v1.0.0 structure) as default channel setting for connector.
But its not replacing if I use addon connector. Is there some configuration or something which I need to do in case of v2.0.0.


the StarterStore supports different ways of variable interpolation in your service base URL.

The one you described (using single curly brackets e.g. {variable_name}) is handled by CRISP - more specifically by the Spring REST template - and is called Path Variables interpolation. In your specific case, this means that those variable will be replaced only if your connector implementation is using CRISP.

In order to assign those variables, you need to fill the CRISP path variables map properly as described in this page [1], more specifically in this section: Finding Resources with Path Variables to Expand Resource Relative Path.

Please let us know in case you are not using CRISP in your connector implementation.

[1] https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/crisp-api/getting-started.html