Use cases for content images used in RSS feeds

We are trying to include an post/content image with every item in the RSS feed XML we are providing for the business to use.

We are using the documentation below and specifically line 33, but are still not getting any images.

Has anyone successfully implemented RSS in this way?

CMS: v12.4
RSS link:

Edit: For more information please see next comment below

To add on the above question
We are using the following method in our project for image

@HippoEssentialsGenerated(internalName = “myproject:image”)
public ImageBean getImage()

{ return getLinkedBean(“myproject:image”, ImageBean.class); }

Is there any SyndicationElement annotation for Image ? like we have for date(converter = CalendarToDateConverter.class) and rich text (transformer = HippoHtmlToDescriptionTransformer.class) ??

Or if anyone has created transformer for Image, that we can refer to!! that would be very helpful

V Ritesh