How to send image (custom namespace) into RSS feed

Can anyone tell me how to do this?
I have a transformer and it is returning the image object as well

public class HippoGalleryImageSetToImageTransformer {

private static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(HippoGalleryImageSetToImageTransformer.class);

public Image getImage(HstRequestContext context, HippoGalleryImageSet imageSet) {
    Image image = new Image();
    final HstLinkCreator hstLinkCreator = context.getHstLinkCreator();
    final String baseLink = hstLinkCreator.create("/", context.getResolvedMount().getMount()).toUrlForm(context, true);
    final String imageLink = hstLinkCreator.create(imageSet, context).toUrlForm(context, true);
    return image;


But the problem is the Image element “is not part of rss2.0 specification” for an “item” node, only for “channel” node.
Because of that, I have to create my own namespace(“image”) can anyone tell me how to do it? and how and where to create the feed extension? does it require me to host it in CDN?

or is there any alternate solution available?

Thank You in advance for your help.

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The #getImage seems allright, but the problem is that the resulting element ends up below an element which is illegal. You can see it in the specification, say at