How to get image data while generate rss feed

Hi all,
I installed hippo ‘Feed Creator’ and able to get title,date, description data but i’m not able to get image data
to get image data i have wrriten this code

@SyndicationElement(type = FeedType.RSS, name = “image”, transformer = HippoGalleryImageSetToImageTransformer.class)
@HippoEssentialsGenerated(internalName = “Jlibrary:featuredImage”)
public ID getFeaturedImage() {
return getLinkedBean(“Jlibrary:featuredImage”, ID.class);

here ID class extends HippoGalleryImageSet.

Madhur Singh

Do you have the Image data in this returned object ? If you have the image data while the return RSS you don’t have then please look at your HippoGalleryImageSetToImageTransformer