Using Multiple Profile on POM

Hippo CMS runs locally with profile but I am looking to use two profiles which ought to use profile id This id is apparently required to support Hippo Application loading up.

How to go about doing this…

Many Thanks
Srinivas Jasti

Why do you need another cargo profile? Your only option is to call your profile something else.

I have two sets of dependencies and deployables specific to local and dev and I want to each of the profile

The profile id is just a name, the more important point to is that you need to add and configure cargo-maven2-plugin within your profile.

So I suggest you create 2 different profiles cargo.local and, then add and configure cargo-maven2-plugin in the same manner as Hippo guy already did with profile. , is not just name, using this id helps the Hippo to load BootStrapping.

You can define additional ‘fragment’ profiles like cargo.local or which you then combine with the profile.

Each of these additional profiles can extend the profile
and cargo-maven2-plugin configuration with additional properties,
dependencies, etc.

You also may want/need to use the Maven special/magic attributes
combine.children=“append” or combine.self=“override” [1].

Then you can use mvn -P,cargo.local to run the combined effect
of these profiles.

HTH, Ate