Dockerized HippoCMS local dev (with Hotswap Agent)

Hello community,

This weekend I worked on a small side project of creating a local dev environment using docker instead of the default profile. The project is at:
It has features like:

  1. Auto-export
  2. Hot-swap of classes using hotswap agent: (No need to set this up yourself)

I’d appreciate feedback!

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Thanks for sharing this. I’m new to Hippo and Docker, but was able to build and run without any problems. I couldn’t get debug working, but I’m thinking it’s something I’ve done wrong.

thanks again for sharing.

Thanks for trying it out. For debugging, you can follow the documentation at: (at the bottom, “debug your project” section)

I was able to get that working with using, but not the docker image. It must be something on my end/setup.