Validation for pages created from Channel Manager

Hi devs,

For pages created from the Channel Manager (using a template: a prototype page with one container that has specific item containers components in it) can I add some validation that will alert the webmaster that he deleted (by mistake let’s say) an item container ( ‘DELETE COMPONENT’ button). Another possibility would be to disable this button. I need this because I want the webmasters to have a skeleton that will tell them which are the minimum hst:containeritemcomponent that should fill a page (hst:containercomponent).
I couldn’t find this in the documentation or here (maybe I wasn’t a good detective :)).

Thank you in advance

Hi @siho,

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to attach custom validators or disable the delete button at the moment. I found a similar improvement ticket:, but it’s a different one.
Please feel free to create a JIRA ticket at your brXM project if any, or at