Virtual Host configuration

Hi all,

I am new to Bloomreach and Hippo. Trying to configure a VirtualHost setup according to, but am failing at this point using the console app:

There is no node type for a virtualhostgroup below hst:platform.

Why does the config need to be mirrored and how should that be done?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,


the sample YAML was missing the hst-hosts node between the /hst-platform root node and the virtual host group node. I have updated the documentation to show this node now. That will probably solve your problem.



Hi Tobi,

thanks a lot four your quick reply and fixing the docs!

Actually I already configured a host node yesterday, as well as the virtualhostgroup/virtualhosts below the hst-hosts node. However, with a fresh look today I spotted a misconfiguration on my behalf, i.e. a missing virtualhost node and wrong node typing.

Now the virtualhosts config is working and externally accessable - great!

Thanks again and kind regards,