2.7 Exercise 2 - Create document types

I have a problem with 11 point

but i have this, i can’t see the FAQ

Hello @Przemek

can you share with us a screenshot of your “Content types” section where you created the FAQ document type? Specifically under which namespace and select the document type to verify that you have clicked “Done” and it is still not open.

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Hi @Lef_Karamoulas , thanks for fast answer
below screenShoot

Hey @Przemek

have you clicked “Done” on this editor to finish the document type editing?
Can you check the dropdown again after performing the above?

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Ignore the previous reply.

I just noticed the Icon of the FAQ - you have created it as a compound and not a document type that’s why it doesn’t show up in the list. You can not create compounds they can only be part of a document type.

Your best approach from this state is to create a new DOCUMENT type called FAQD and keep that in mind in following exercises eg. when you will be configuring the query component with the required document type where the instructions refer to FAQ for you it will be FAQD

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I think I found the place of error.
It is point 5
“Create a new Content Type called FAQ. Choose the 1 Column layout and click OK”
I understand it as creating a new “new field group type”

But if I am the only one reporting such an error, it is possible that there is a lack of understanding due to a different language