Access utility classes under from COMMON module to SITE and CMS modules

Hello Guys,

I am trying to access some utility classes from COMMONS module of hippo to SITE and CMS.
I tried with adding dependancy in pom.xml like " artificateId", “version”, but it didn’t help.

kindly could you please let me know the way to access those calsses.

thanks in advance…

warm regards

Hi Ganesh,
Yes you are trying the right path… this is just standard Maven dependencies.
Add the Maven coordinates of your common module to both cms/pom.xml and site/pom.xml.
Be careful though to not incorrectly drag dependencies of the common module into site or CMS wars, e.g. if you have Wicket deps in common those will incorrectly end up in site.war.


Hello Jeroen.hoffman,

thanks for the quick reply…