Cookie Banner not showing on Development Branch

I am currently setting up custom components on bloomreach, and I noticed working within the development branch that I do not get the cookie banner pop up, but if I point to the current existing page/site/channel, the pop up does show with my local code base. I am wondering if there is something that prevents it from coming up in the development branch or if I am just missing some setting? Any information would be appreciated.

Hey Erwin,

This depends on how you’ve implemented the cookie script on your front end. It could be possible that you’ve already gotten a cookie assigned to the CMS domain. Try checking your cookies to see if that’s the case.

I checked, just the session cookies are there. This is a development review/preview (pointing with my localhost while working on a development branch) inside of my Bloomreach environment. If I do go to localhost:3000 (just directly) I do see the cookie banner. So, that might be part of it. I am new to Bloomreach, so I am unsure of most of the functionality and what is possible and what is not between pointing directly from local, and working with the front-end code inside of Bloomreach’s environment.

It could be that your cookie script does not allow itself to be shown on the CMS domain, or even that it does not allow IFraming.

There are two main ways of showing the front end.

  1. Direct access at localhost.
  2. Preview access through an IFrame in the CMS.

Within preview, you have the core version without using projects, but you also have preview through developer and non-developer projects. Are you seeing the cookie consent banner at all within the CMS preview?

No, not through the CMS preview. I should also note that this is the default cookie that is set up with the default project of Bloomreach.

What cookie are you referencing? What’s the name of it?
I thought you were describing a cookie consent script.

Sorry, its a non-issue. There is a check in place that I overlooked, to see if it is in Preview or not. Obviously, I am in preview. I’ll close this as solved.