Export advanced search to CSV or other format

Hi all,
I am using the version 12.6.1-1 of the Hippo CMS Enterprise Edition. I was wondering if there is a way to export to a CSV file or any other format the results of the advanced search on the CMS?

Hi Razvan,

I don’t think we have a plugin for CSV export in Advanced Search plugin.
But you might want to look at the forge project, Advanced Search Taxonomy Workflow Plugin [1], which simply sets taxonomy category key to all the selected documents in JCR level. It is possible to create that kind of “workflow plugin” to add a new feature as an actionable menu item in the Advanced Search plugin. It calls them as “workflow …” for that kind of menu item and its action implementation.
One difficulty is probably that you cannot make it downloaded right away as the “workflow plugin” is executed as a background process while showing only the progress in UI. Possible workaround is to create a downloadable binary asset in /content/assets/… somehow and let the user download from there through the message afterward.
It’s a bit effortful, I guess. You can judge yourself go/no-go. :wink:


[1] https://bloomreach-forge.github.io/advanced-search-taxonomy-workflow/screenshots.html

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