Reverse Proxy Issues on-premise deployment w/ v14.6.2

We have followed the instructions to set the on-premise instance and is running now, but then I set up and apache as a reverse proxy as per the documentation: Configure Apache HTTP Server as Reverse Proxy for Hippo - Bloomreach Experience - The Headless Digital Experience Platform Built for Commerce

Afterwards, the site looks ok, but with the CMS I found 2 issues ATM:

  • When trying to access the CMS console, it goes in an infinite loop
  • When entering the CMS and checking the Experience Manager section, the channel does not appear.

I reached the instance directly bypassing the apache proxy for double checking, but when doing it everything seems fine and I can reach the console.

Could anyone provide some guidance what could be missing on the configs?


you probably need to adjust context path property:

hst:showcontextpath: false

depending if you are accessing cms via context path or not ( or just, without context path)

To correct it, you can use safe-fail mode, ?HstMode=false


Thanks for the response, I tried what you mentioned and now the channels are appearing on the exp. mgr., still I found that I have to leave a trailing slash (/) at the end of the URL to get to the console or repository, for example causes the infinite loop, meanwhile if I enter it goes to the console.

Any ideas? maybe a rewrite rule is needed I think for that specific case.